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Updated June 3oth, 2013

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In Minnesota, Bruce Bernhart has been an RV enthusiast since the 1980's
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Bernhart RV Topics Reviews Minneapolis-St. Paul

The vibrant cities of Minneapolis and St. St. Paul, known as the Twin Cities, are one of Minnesota's hot spots. Visitors and residents will find many exciting places to explore in these cities cut by the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers. Together the cities are a lively representation of both the past and the future of Minnesota. Within these two cities history buffs, families and many others will find something to love.

Minneapolis has a thriving arts culture. You can walk through the Minneapolis Institute of Arts or catch a show at the Guthrie Theater. Throughout the Minneapolis arts scene you will see new buildings with fabulous modern architecture -- even the Central Library has tours of its interesting building. The Walker Art Center is a great contemporary art museum, and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden adjoins the Walker Art Center.

If you are looking for live entertainment, just head to one of the Twin Cities' 75 theatre companies. The Guthrie theatre is just one center for performance. There are many fabulous small theaters with all types of productions throughout the year. The Children's Theatre Company is a will known theatre for young actors, and it is a great activity for visiting children and families. You will also find plenty of classical music, most notably the Minnesota Orchestra and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. Within these two cities you will also find a dynamic dance culture, including experimental, jazz and contemporary dance.

Minneapolis/St. Paul also has a deep historic culture. There are many places you can explore that will immerse visitors in the interesting history of the area. Take a tour of the Alexander Ramsey House, which will introduce visitors into the life of families and servants in the 1870s. The house is a beautiful example of a Victorian-era home. In the center of the metropolitan area of Minneapolis/St. Paul you will find Historic Fort Snelling. This is a 1820s military outpost where costumed guides give tours. Take some time to visit the majestic Cathedral of St. Paul or see some of the cities' historic mills or the 1883 Stone Arch Bridge.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are very accessible cities. You can take a segway tour of the city or explore downtown while walking through the system of skyways. St. Paul's downtown has 5 miles of this elevated system and Minneapolis has 8 miles. The system of skyways provides unique access to shops and restaurants. If you want to enjoy the outdoors of Minnesota, you can bike along the Grand Rounds, a 51-mile scenic byway. The Nicollet Mall is also worth a visit; located in downtown Minneapolis, the Mall is a thoroughfare with access to entertainment, shopping and food.

The kids will also have lots of fun during a visit to Minneapolis/St. Paul. You can get tickets to one of Minnesota's professional sport teams. The cities are also home to the Minnesota Zoo, with wolves, moose, lemurs and much more. If you love state fairs, schedule your visit to coincide with the Minnesota State Fair. The nearby Mall of America is also a good family destination, with shopping, adventure parks and an aquarium.

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